Bahamas Offshore Oil & Services

We are dedicated to delivering Offshore Support Services – Safely, Reliably and Cost Effectively.Shipbuilding and ship repair includes the manufacture, repair, and maintenance of ships. Ships require robust designs and continuous maintenance and refit operations to keep them in good working order.

Bahamas Offshore Oil & Services performs all possible major and minor ship repairs, overhaul and maintenance. Specializes in the repair of all possible ship, We supply services for classification, damage repair, modifications, preventive maintenance and (sale) inspections. Bahamas Offshore Oil & Services repairs all possible damage to propeller shafts, shafts, rudders, engines and other systems. Likewise, we carry out metalwork to repair damage to the hull, surface, bilges, bow, etc.

Through our experience in ship repair, the Repair and Maintenance Division offers capabilities in the following services:

- Annual Survey

- Special Survey

- Floating Fix

- Dock repair

 Intermediate Maintenance

- Depot Level Maintenance

- Ship Conversion and Modernization

- Modifications/Alternatives (propulsion systems, electronics, weapons and structures)

- Material Test

- Gas Cost

- Engineering Service

- Diving and Miscellaneous services for general industry.